Two of telly's most revered personalities *heaves*; Piers Morgan interviews Webber at his villa in Majorca, and sure why not... With his music, Andrew Lloyd Webber is one of the most successful composers ever and has written some of the biggest theatre shows in the world. This unique, access-all-areas film takes Piers to Andrew Lloyd Webber's Mediterranean hideaway and then back to the West End as he finds out what it's like to be married to the genius and what it's like to work for him. 'Lord Lloyd Webber is many things, but national treasure isn’t one of them,' says Piers: 'and I want to know why.' I dunno, maybe people don't like watching him sit on a throne while desperate starlets sing to him... With unprecedented access and no subject off limits, Piers delves deep and asks Lord Webber about his affair with singer Sarah Brightman. Plus, the composer also reveals how he's come to terms with living with cancer.