If you're not glued to the latest installment of BBC3's Young Dumb and Living Off Mum at 9.00pm, perhaps you'd like to spend an hour or so with Shane Richie? Thems the choices. Police officer Daisy Cockram wins a radio contest to attend a West End film premiere and VIP party, but a sexual encounter in the back of a famous footballer's car after the event ends in her losing her job. Luckily, a ruthless publicist comes up with a plan to catapult her into the world of glamour modelling (yes, there's the prospect of a chance glance at some breasticles) and she becomes a millionaire - but finds that fame without talent is difficult to sustain. There's a lesson in there for the entire cliental of London's Movida night club. This feature-length drama, also stars Amy Beth Hayes, Gary Lucy, Sadie Pickering and Lucy Gaskell.