Waterloo Road returns to the Beeb with some new faces and a new regime, headed by Holby City / Strictly Come Dancing star Tom Chambers *jazz hands*. It's all change at the school as it has merged with local private school John Fosters, which was forced to close when wealthy parents could no longer afford the fees. As a result, around 100 new pupils are enrolled at Waterloo Road and neither the "posh" John Fosters pupils nor the "scuzzy" Waterloo Road kids are happy about it. The playground divisions are echoed in the staffroom as many of the old John Fosters team have been ushered in to ensure the smooth transition, much to the annoyance of the existing staff. Among them are Christopher Mead, an ex-city-boy-turned-science teacher and now the deputy head; Ruby Fry, the food technology teacher who is every bit as snobby as her pupils; and a new head of languages, Jo Lipsett, whose enthusiasm and competence spells trouble for the hapless Steph. The biggest rivalry, however, seems to be between Rachel Mason and executive head Max Tyler.