Those of you who watched Neighbours back in the day will remember Izzy Hoyland - the evil temptress who broke up the soaps's "mum and dad" - Karl and Susan Kennedy - although that Karl always did have a wandering eye.

Izzy, who appeared on the soap between 2003 and 2007, not only stole Karl from Susan, but she also lied about him being the father of her baby, which she then miscarried. Then later drugged Karl after they had broken up to get her to sleep with him (ehhhh, bit dodge there Neighbours) and goes on to actually have his baby, who showed up in 2013 as Holly (Lucinda Armstrong Hall).


Hard to keep up with that Erinsborough drama.

Anyways, she's coming back after a decade away from the soap to wreak havoc on Karl and Susan's lives once more.

It was already announced back in October that Natalie Bassingthwaighte would be reprising her role as homewrecker Izzy for an extended guest appearance next year. Now, however, we have the first promo for her much-anticipated arrival in what will be an unmissable one-hour special airing this month.

Take a look below - it's super cheesy - but surelook, it is Neighbours. 

Speaking about her return, Natalie said previously: "I had the most extraordinary time working on Neighbours all those years ago with mentors like Alan Fletcher, Jackie Woodburne and Stefan Dennis. I feel really blessed to have had the opportunity to learn my craft on the show and I'm so excited to be back on set."

Neighbours' executive producer Jason Herbison added: "Izzy is Ramsay Street's ultimate homewrecker, and her homecoming to Ramsay Street will be explosive.

"We've been in talks with Natalie about returning for quite some time and I'm thrilled that it's finally come together. She's a fearless performer and a dynamic on-screen presence. Seeing her on set with Alan and Jackie this week, there's no doubt the magic is still there."