Jack and Kate investigate the attempted murder of a high-flying banker who was almost blown up by a bomb under his car, as the new comedy drama revolving around 'a detective duo with real chemistry' continues (and it's not at all like Moonlighting... which is a shame). A banker is almost blown up by a car bomb, and the unorthodox sleuths are sent to the private rehab clinic where he is being treated to find out who was responsible for his attempted murder. However, as they launch their unusual investigation, they clash (again, nothing like Moonlighting) as Jack is preoccupied with Kate's relationship while she tries to conceal her marriage-counselling sessions. Written by Howard Overman (Misfits, Merlin, Perfect Day) and directed by Matt Lipsey (Psychoville, Saxondale, Little Britain), Vexed unites Lucy Punch (The Class, Hot Fuzz, Big Breaks) and Toby Stephens (Wired, Jane Eyre, Robin Hood) in the lead roles.