Super-producer extraordinaire Jerry Bruckheimer lends his name to this, very much Hollywood-ised, take on the life and untimely demise of one of the most courageous journalists this, or any other country has ever known. The film itself is slightly ropey in parts; which can probably be accounted to Joel Schumacher, who has helmed the luminary "classic" likes of Batman and Robin, and St Elmo's Fire, but in fairness also gave us Phone Booth and the 80's camp explosion that was The Lost Boys. This story follows the crusade by Guerin to have various crime bosses many unlawful activities brought to public light; but before she could bring her crusade full circle, was gunned down in cold blood. Cate Blanchett is predictably fantastic as Guerin, while the film worth seeing for the sheer audacity of the woman alone. If you fancy seeing Sharon Stone's growler instead, Basic Instinct is on TV3 at 9.00pm.