Please don't be rubbish, please don't be rubbish, please don't be rubbish. OK, here goes. In this new six part series, written by Arthur Matthews and Paul Woodfull, Ardal O'Hanlon stars as hapless midlands TD Val Falvey. He has inherited the seat from his late father, who represented the constituency for 25 years while Val pursued his chosen career of auctioneering (a business also handed down to him by his father). Val is not wildly ambitious and generally desires an easy life. He does not enjoy the daily grind of enduring his constituents' woes, and grumbles as he listens to their never-ending complaints in his regular clinic, housed in a run down caravan (something else he has inherited from his father). He does, however, enjoy the perks of the job, such as free trips abroad, and meeting celebrities such as Linda Martin. Again, we can not reiterate enough - please do not be rubbish. The memory of Father Ted is at stake here... Another new show to grace the RTE schedule tonight (9.30pm), it's called Battle of the Sexes and features Miriam O'Callaghan discussing the role of Irish men today.