On this occasion the duo, who's contrived sexual tension is still meant to hold us captive, head to Tuscany. The Italian countryside attracts around 40 million tourists every year and away from the packed out coastal resorts there's a great big slice of rural Tuscan life to be discovered. Phil is in charge of their budget Tuscan break with £500 per person to spend. He opts to go off the beaten track to an agriturismo farm called La Baccane in the heart of the countryside. In complete contrast Kirstie takes Phil to Florence to dip into the world of luxury at Il Salviatino, a city hotel where the top suites cost a staggering £2000 a night. Will Kirstie and Phil fall for rustic charm in the countryside, (which I'm guessing Kirstie will like) or will the luxury of one of the most expensive hotels in Florence win them (or just Phil) over? Or will they never agree. I'm guessing the latter.