The last in the series sees Reporter Evan Williams and Director Paul Kittel travel to the Brazilian city of Recife, a beach paradise visited by thousands of tourists every year. They uncover allegations that the police are involved in death squads which have murdered thousands of 'undesirables', including hundreds of street children, every year. The Unreported World team is immediately confronted by the murder of an 18-year-old boy on the side of a street. Police officers say it was an execution, a close-range shot to the head, typical of many of the city's nearly 3,000 murders every year. The team meets some of the city's estimated 4,000 street children. Using crack and sniffing glue, many of these street kids turn to prostitution and petty crime to survive. One social worker claims that 600 street children have been killed over the past few years and that 60 per cent were murdered by police death squads. For a stark contrast, turn to UTV at 8.00pm for the concluding part of Tonight's Make My Kids Happy.