Dun, dun, DUN! Phil's son Ben Mitchell is set to return to the soap in the coming months after serving a sentence in prison for killing that lovely Heather Trott lady. It seems that yet again he will be played by a different actor too. The character has so far being played by two actors to date since he arrived to the soap as a young lad, and has pretty much accidentally terrorized in every guise since. So misunderstood, is that Ben lad.

On Tuesday's episode we watched his dad Phil make the discovery that Ben had in fact been released from prison a month ago, so he could literally just rock up to Albert Square at any point then? Well, might be a while yet, as Digital Spy reported that show chiefs are still in the process of looking to recast the role. It's thought the character will go in a new direction though when he makes his return to Walford.

Hold up actually, Ben was released a month ago...wait, did Ben kill Lucy? DID BEN KILL LUCY?!