It really is a case of what exactly you want from your football coverage, as the Liverpool vs. Real Madrid game is being shown live, on both RTE2 and UTV. The beacon of common sense that is Graeme Souness, joins Johnny Giles and Eamon "I can't believe I'm still allowed on TV" Dunphy for RTE's surly coverage. Over on UTV Jim Beglin lends his monotone warbling to the commentary, while Andy Townsend is back in the studio giving statistical analysis that will be making Andy Gray soil himself with laughter. Tonight is a big game, though; with Rafa Benitez's Liverpool side holding a 1-0 lead from the first leg, having stumbled on the home straight to The Premiership Title.  Highlights of the Chelsea Vs Juventus game can be seen from 10.35pm on UTV, hosted by the brilliant Craig Doyle.