In her home town of Nagpur in India, 16-year-old Jyoti Amge is a normal teenager in many ways: she enjoys going to school and socialising with friends, and dreams of dancing in Bollywood movies. But Jyoti is only one foot 11 inches tall, and will never grow any taller, crippled by brittle bones. When Jyoti's mother, Ranjana, who had four healthy children already, became pregnant, she instinctively knew that something was wrong and even up until the full nine months, baby Jyoti could not be seen on the medical scans. Doctors were in shock when she was finally delivered at 10 months, weighing just over three pounds. The Amge family, devout Hindus, saw Jyoti's birth and survival as a miracle that deepened their faith. This Bodyshock special follows the teenager and her parents Ranjana and Kishanji as they meet with orthopaedic surgeon Dr Ram Soni, who believes he can mend her fractured legs. The high risks involved in the operation leave the family torn between the desire to repair Jyoti's limbs or find an alternative, spiritual solution to avoid further damage.