This new four-part BBC series is a chance to see your next Doctor Who, Jodie Whitaker, in action. She takes the lead in this medical drama about a nurse called Cath Hardacre who decides she's going to play doctor. Fed up with the corruption in the hospital she is currently working in, she ceases the opportunity to begin again when her best friend moves to New Zealand. She steals her identity as Dr Ally Sutton and heads on up to Edinburgh to work as an A&E doctor no less, but turns out this doctor lark might be harder than she thought. Queue some incredibly tense situations where Cath is thrown into the deep end and expected to, you know, be a doctor. If you can suspend your disbelief long enough not to question the madness of this premise, then you really will enjoy this suspense filled ride that anchors itself firmly on a captivating performance from Whitaker.