Oh how we laughed when Donal Trump said he was going to build a wall between America and Mexico if he became president of the United States. First off, he was never going to become president, and second of all, he was clearly not going to get away with building a wall! Well, it's almost a year since Donald Trump won the election and nobody is laughing anymore. Actually we are but in a much more fearful way. It seems this wall wasn't just some mad hatter idea from his election campaign either. This documentary assesses the impact of the first months of Donald Trump's presidency on life on the US-Mexican border, witnessing the effect that his pledge to build a wall along it has had on those who live and work on the frontline. Featuring contributions from locals directly affected by the possibility of a wall, as well as access to members of the Department for Homeland Security's customs and border patrols as they try to combat illegal immigration and drug smuggling.