The Pipe follows the residents of Rossport in Ireland as they fight one of the world's most powerful oil companies, Shell. In a remote corner of western Ireland sits Broadhaven Bay, a postcard-perfect location housing the tiny village of Rossport. It is a unique area of coastline that has sustained generations of farmers and fishermen, and one that has caught the eye of Shell Oil. On 29 June 2005, five men from Rossport were imprisoned for 94 days after defying a court injunction allowing Shell workers to enter the men's land to lay a high pressure, raw gas pipeline close to their homes. Many people believe that the Irish state subverted the constitutional rights of its citizens to help Shell 'grab' tracts of farmland against the wishes of the landowners. In a country where the memory of British landlords survives in the psyche, Shell's attempt to force through the pipe evoked huge emotion. This film follows three members of the Rossport community, following the arrival of Shell, when they become tragically divided on how they should deal with a pipe that could bring economic prosperity or destruction to a way of life shared for generations.