Are sporting stars born or made? How do you raise a child champion? This Cutting Edge film, from the directors of the critically acclaimed Child Genius, follows four parents and their off-spring doing whatever it takes to (some might say forcefully) propel their young children to the top of the tennis, boxing and golfing worlds; all of them individual sports with no team mates to fall back on. These parents are taking a massive gamble with their children's lives. They have devoted themselves to taking their kids to the top: sometimes giving up jobs, cashing in savings and, in two cases, taking their children out of school. Success will bring fame and fortune; but for every world champ, thousands of kids have ended up on the sporting scrapheap with childhoods lost, families at war, and people mired in financial ruin. Do these children have what it takes to make it? And, if not, how will they and their parents cope?