Tonight, the whirlwinding duo address the sad sartorial state of modern dress, determined to brighten up the country and convince hordes of colour-phobic women that wearing dreary all-black outfits is not the solution to their clothing conundrums. Demonstrating the secrets of how to choose the right shades and how to wear them well, Trinny and Susannah embark on a mission to bring out the joy of colour in 200 women. If you'd prefer to spend an hour with some thoroughbreds; Pedigree Dogs Exposed can be seen at 9.00pm on BBC1. It's an investigation into the health of thoroughbred dogs, examining the level of inherited disease and other welfare issues concerning man's best friend. Featuring testimony from experts, the programme reveals the surprising historical factors that have contributed to problems in some breeds and explores what could be done to tackle serious and debilitating conditions.