"Buachallie dana, buachallie dana - ceard a..." OK, that's as far as our Irish goes, but you get the drift. RTE have come across with Ireland's version of Cops. This is going to eb hilarious. The new six-part observational series will shine a light into six months of the life of the Traffic Corps at all levels and across the country, but primarily in three divisions - the Dublin Metropolitan division based in Dublin Castle, the Louth division taking in stations in Drogheda and Dundalk, and the Donegal division focusing on Burnfoot and Letterkenny. Over six months, guards from the three units were accompanied by a film crew as they went about their daily business of enforcing the laws of the road throughout the country. Incidents from their daily business were combined with the relevant footage from ground, mobile and airborne cameras to reveal the situations the traffic division has to deal with and the often shocking attitudes and the behaviour of Irish drivers across the country.