People are killed and injured on the roads every day. In the first four months of 2011 alone, 66 lives were lost. From speeding, mobile phone use and drunk driving offences to public order, fatigue at the wheel and people driving up roads the wrong way, the potential for danger on our roads is ever present. Six-part observational series Traffic Blues returns to shine a light into six months of the life of the Traffic Corps at all levels and across the country, but primarily in four divisions: the Dublin Metropolitan division based in Dublin Castle; the Cork division based in Bandon station and Anglesea St Cork; Naas Traffic Corps which takes in the busiest stretches of road in the country; and the Donegal division where 'Operation Face' is tackling young driver behaviour. In this first instalment an operation in Naas results in an arrest; gardai catch up with a driver who fails to stop; and a high speed pursuit through the suburbs of Dublin.