The competition to find a new Xpose presenter reaches its conclusion, as the remaining three candidates (those being Ruth, Sean and Simon) compete one last time before the winner is announced later this evening (at 9.30pm). Out of the three up for the public vote last week, Stuart was the first to go, then Anthony was (finally) ousted from the list of three potentials by Ruth - the VERY pretty girl who almost strung a sentence together when talking about shoulder pads a few weeks back. Now, far be it for us to show anything resembling favouritism, but we have a gra for Sean. He's a calm, professional sort who would slot into a team well and thankfully doesn't appear to be in posession of an ego that comes with the inevitable insecurity. Therefore, if you must vote for someone, vote Sean - we've even gone to the trouble of snouting out the number - tis 1513 712 302.