Young comedy upstarts Jack Whitehall (he's presented some episodes of Big Brother's Big Mouth) and Holly Walsh (don't know her, but she can't be "funnier" than Jack, his ego wouldn't allow it) unleash their comedic talent in a new weekly late-night topical entertainment show. In front of a live audience Jack and Holly take an "irreverent look at the week's events with a no-holds-barred approach to audience participation". I swear I've read that in a press release for The Sunday Night Project. Jack hosts his own strand, Jack Whitehall Investigates, alongside sketches and guest appearances from fellow comedians. If actual investigations are more your bag; What in The World returns to RTE1 at 11.05pm with a new series (the first of which looks at the Vietnam War's impact on neighbouring Laos). There's also a repeat of brilliantly documented The Importance of Being Irish following at 00.10am. This week, it's the 90s.