News of Michelle Keegan's departure from Corrie shocked soap fans last year when it was announced. Everybody has always liked Tina, and she has must have a back garden full of those sexiest TV star awards by now.

At least we know though that when she does eventually leave, it's going to be pretty spectacular. Speaking to Bang Showbiz, Coronation Street producer Stuart Blackburn has said: "Everybody knows Tina's going; it's going to be an incredible, spectacular exit and it's going to take us right through autumn and December. It's going to be massive.'

The actress has temporarily left the show for the moment, after her heartbreak over her affair with Peter - so will that be the direction this 'spectacular' exit takes? Perhaps Carla will find out and all hell will break lose. It's impossible to tell at this point what Corrie writers will do, as initially when we first heard of the Tina and Peter romance it seemed like a really unlikely pairing.

At least we know they are not going to drag out the 'who dunnit' story that they are clearly lining up for too long, with Stuart saying "You'll know well before Christmas.'

Never mind Tina and Peter though, it was all about besties Tommy and Tina back in the day, who had to have been one of Corries best 'will they/won't they's'.

Watch the moment they FINALLY got there act together below: