2011's Three Men in a Boat goes further than before. The trio of Griff Rhys Jones, Dara O Briain and Rory McGrath (we couldn't fit him into the photo) head to the Adriatic, travelling up the Dalmatian coast to Venice, where they've been entered into a gondola race on the Grand Canal. The region has an amazing maritime history, so there are plenty of boats to sail, motor and row their way to one of the most beautiful cities in the world. They start in the recently independent country of Montenegro, where they manage to charm themselves on to a military motor yacht - that used to be used by Marshal Tito, the leader of the Socialist Republic of Yugoslavia - before making their way along the Croatian coastline. The final stop in this instalment is the Next stop is the island of Viz, one of the most unspoilt islands on the coast. Because of its military importance it was closed to tourists until 1989. That aside, the three men have been entered into a cricket match with the local side against the MCC - the Munich Cricket Club, where Dara's unconventional batting style is surprisingly successful.