What do you get if you put an Englishman, an Irishman, and a Welshman on a boat bound for Dublin? Having sailed along the River Thames in a replica skiff in Three Men in a Boat, and visited Cornwall in Three Men in Another Boat, comedians Dara O Briain, Griff Rhys Jones and Rory McGrath take to the water once more. With Irishman Dara obviously nervous that his companions' behaviour (and in particular their terrible Irish jokes) will embarrass him on home turf, Rory and Griff are in their element. Setting off on a Guinness barge along the Grand Canal, and Royal Canal, they make their way on to the Shannon and on to Limerick, where Dara is to be a judge at the poetry festival. But they soon realise the vessel is not going to get them anywhere fast and have to come up with another plan. Following this at 10.00pm is yet another Miranda Hart vehicle, that being 2009 Unwrapped with Miranda Hart. This is in turn followed by another chance to see Never Mind The Buzzcocks - Where Are They Now at 11.00pm.