Family and friends surround 37-year-old Clare Louise Creedon as they toast her new home in Dundrum. This is a new chapter in her life; she's apprehensive about the move, but needs to think about her future. In 1960, after a year of marriage, Clare and Tim Creedon had their first child, John. Six years later with three children under the age of six the family's world was turned upside down. John was diagnosed with Freidreichs Ataxia (FA), which the doctors knew little, if anything, about. Thier second child Claire Louise was born in 1972, who didn't know she had FA for eight years. FA affects your co-ordination and your balance; "it's like you can visualise what you want to do but you just can't do it." A generic progressive disorder of the central nervous system, Friedreichs Ataxia takes no prisoners. The family never wrapped their children in cotton wool, however. They were always encouraged John and Clare Louise to be their own person and to strive for everything they wanted. As John was training for his 11th Dublin City Marathon in 1997 - Daniel Day Lewis opened Clare Louise's first art exhibition.