No doubt we will need some positive viewing after Eileen Dunne's News Review of the Year (6.30), so it might be nice to fix yourself a hot port, sink into a big armchair and brace yourself for some good news. Never one to dwell on the negative, gentleman broadcaster Marty Whelan has prepared a treat for us; an hour of wistful factual entertainment, haphazardly counting down the things that are doing better now than they ever were during the 'Good Times'. As well as hearing from those whose businesses are thriving, there'll anecdotal evidence from relevant experts, entertainment personalities and no less than two sitting senators. Alternatively, TV3 are counting down the Top TV Moments of 2009 are 8.00pm. It will see 30 of the most significant moments on television over the past 12 months, including Susan Boyle's first audition on Britain's Got Talent and Michael Jackson's funeral... Marty it is.