(Repeat) It's repeat-central on RTE at the moment as we await the kick-off of the autumn schedule, however it does give us a chance to watch some of their most memorable shows of the year again, including this one. You know the way couples getting married in the Catholic church have to go for a pre-marriage course? Well this is kind of like that. Except it's on telly, so we can all watch and it's a not a Catholic course it's just a general, 'lets mess with folk getting married for our entertainment' thing. This one-off documentary special sees three couples take part in a crash course on relationship skills during a three-day pre-marriage boot camp at a country house. They undergo a series of eye-opening tests and therapies with the help of psychologist Allison Keating and psychoanalyst Ray O'Neill. Let's just hope none of them break up after... that question mark in the title is a little ominous.