It's been a whole year since X Factor graced the schedules and, my, what a year it's been for the winner and runners up, eh? Yeeeeaaahh. In case you, like the rest of us, are wondering where in the name of jaysis Rhydian and the wee Scottish dude are, TV3 are coming across with this handy update at 6.30pm. Following this, at 7.30pm, is the main event. One can expect Cheryl talking a lot, Danni glistening at lot, Simon making all the decisions, Louis championing anyone of Irish decent and Dermot O'Leary hugging the living daylights out of all the dejected auditionees. Your X Factor fest comes to a close at 8.30pm will the first installment of The Xtra Factor, which is very convenient if you don't happen to have ITV2. Presenter Holly Willoughby (presumably sporting some scurrilously low-cut tops) will bring you behind the scenes of the auditions.