Broadcaster/patroniser of wee people in general, Mark Dolan, comes face to face with human extremes once more as he goes in search of some of the world's most incredible individuals in this new four part series. But finding these people is just the start of his mission. His real journey in this series is to discover how and why some people can become extraordinary, even if they're not always born that way to begin with. Mark immerses himself in the lives of child geniuses in The World's Cleverest Child and Me; confronts the realities of the lives of women who've taken cosmetic surgery to extremes in The World's Most Enhanced Woman and Me; and joins some of the world's largest families in The World's Biggest Family and Me, as he attempts to find out what it's like to be so different. In The World's Cleverest Child and Me, Mark Dolan meets children with mind-boggling mental capacities - but are these young geniuses a force of nature or the product of intensive nurture?