One of television's most critically acclaimed series, The Wire, comes to BBC Two as it receives its first airing on terrestrial television over in the UK. Created by David Simon and set in Baltimore, The Wire's first season tells the story of a single drugs-and-murder police investigation from the point of view of the police and their targets. As the series begins, homicide detective Jimmy McNulty sits in on the trial of D'Angelo Barksdale, nephew of gang leader Avon Barksdale, and accused of shooting a competing dealer in Baltimore's projects. After a key witness changes her story, the jury finds D'Angelo not guilty, prompting McNulty to have words with the judge. Suddenly in hot water with his bosses, McNulty is assigned to investigate Barksdale's gang. But the lieutenant in command of the detail wants the case wrapped up quickly, with minimal effort. Instead, McNulty decides to work the case 'the way it should be done'. Continues tomorrow.