Captivating viewing is bountiful on RTE1 tonight. At 10.15pm there's the concluding part to the documentary celebrating the career of Mike Murphy, followed by John Kelly's chin scratching review show. Subject up for critique include Steve McQueen's stunning debut feature Hunger, which re-creates the 1981 hunger strike in the Maze Prison, a harrowing study of the consequences for mind and body when they are taken to extremes. Also up for discussion is the timely release of W. >From the director who brought us Nixon and JFK, Oliver Stone now takes on the outgoing President of the USA, George 'Dubya' Bush, played here by Josh Brolin. An impressive cast tackles a Shakespearean array of characters from Margaret Thatcher to Saddam Hussein, with Richard Dreyfuss as Dick Cheney, Toby Jones as Karl Rove, Thandie Newton as Condoleeza Rice, and Ellen Burstyn and James Cromwell as Barbara and George Bush.