This evening, Channel 4 goes from people dining off the naked chest of a hairy teenager (Come Dine With Me, 8.00pm) to Oscar-nominated actress Samantha Morton making her directorial debut. Prolific or WHA'!? The Unloved stars acclaimed actors Robert Carlyle and Susan Lynch, alongside the two young leads - Molly Windsor as Lucy, and Lauren Socha as Lauren - who were cast through a series of open auditions held across Nottingham schools, drama groups and at The Television Workshop (where Morton herself attended aged 12). Morton worked with acclaimed writer Tony Grisoni to create the fictional script, with filming taking place in Morton's home town of Nottingham. Lucy is 11 years old. She lives with her father. One day, not for the first time, he beats her. She ends up being sent to a children's home, where she develops a friendship with an older teenager. However, following a disastrous Christmas party, the youngster runs away in search of her mother. If this is considered too dour viewing of a Sunday, there's always Stranger Than Fiction over on TV3 at 9.00pm.