In this TV3 documentary, softly spoken presenter Henry McKean - of The Truth About Travellers fame - ventures into the world of blood sports, meeting the people involved in hare coursing, a long held rural tradition. He discovers whether this sport is cruel or not when he visits a coursing club in North Kerry. He also joins the other side as he meets animal welfare protestors demonstrating outside a coursing club. Henry looks at foxhunting, another contentious sport andjoins the Laois hunt as they head out to hunt a fox. Along the route, he speaks to mounted riders about their love of this ancient tradition. There's decidedly fluffier viewing in the form of Desperate Housewives, 9.55pm RTE2, Susan's dialysis troubles appear to have come to an end when an old schoolfriend offers her a kidney, as one does. Meanwhile, Lynette is forced to spend time with her mother's new - but decidedly dead - husband.