Why do we think crime is rising when the official figures (in the UK) suggest it's coming down? This three-part documentary series follows presenter Nick Ross on a journey to find out the truth behind the crime headlines. He shows how if the opportunity to steal is there, people will take it; and it is not just homes and businesses which are vulnerable, as increasingly we are victims of online fraud too. Nick meets victims of crime - from the elderly who have been targets of 'distraction' burglaries, to students whose shared accommodation proves an easy target for local drug users - and follows their stories, and that of the perpetrators. If you'd like your Tuesday nigh real-life crime viewing to come with a wee bit more peril, there's Louis Theroux: Law and Disorder in Philadelphia at 9.00pm on RTE2. It's the first of two films in which the journalist joins local police in crime-ridden cities. He starts in (you'll never guess where) Philadelphia, where there are around 400 homicides a year in an area of slightly more than 100 square miles.