... Is that they're not at home with a string of babies hanging off them, while undertaking various domestic chores. Newsreader and mum of three Sophie Raworth teams up with father of three Justin Rowlatt to explore the thorny issue of what people really think of women at work, in this provocative two-part series. Nearly 40 years on from the Equal Pay Act, why is it that men still dominate the top jobs and why do men in England, on average, earn £369,000 more than a woman across their career? In a competitive mood from the off, Sophie and Justin conduct a series of tests, experiments and brain scans. Asking questions relating to equal pay, ambition and sexism, they talk to a businesswoman who refuses to employ women of child-bearing age, meet an entrepreneur who returned to work four days after giving birth and go head to head on a male-dominated trading floor. A video pod tours the country, meanwhile, to hear from the nation, and reveals what men and women really think of each other. Concludes tomorrow.