Street resident Shay Ryan (played by Stepehn 'I've got a million faces' Graham) tells his AA group about the moment he became an alcoholic, as Jimmy McGovern's award-winning drama continues. It was the day that armed gunmen held up the betting shop where he was manager, leaving Shay traumatised. Before the robbery, he needed a drink every night. After the robbery, he needed one every morning, too. Madeleine, an ex-girlfriend that Shay hasn't seen for years, comes to see him at work to inform him that he has a son. Otto is 16 years old and has asked to meet his dad. Madeleine didn't tell him about his son because she wanted nothing more to do with him. Even 16 years ago, Shay's drinking was becoming personally corrosive and destructive to those around him. Now Shay is hopelessly addicted to vodka, which he mixes with coke in an attempt to hide his alcoholism. In other words, his life is a mess. And there's more shocks along the line for him... Maxine Peake, Ruth Jones and Leon Harrop also star.