Melvyn Brrraaaaagg returns on a contemporary note, with a unique film on the band The Streets, headed up by Mike Skinner - whose music still marks the soundtrack of today's urban youff. Skinner (now 29) continues to be one of the most authentic voices of British youth, with his one-man-band The Streets; and The South Bank Show follows him as he makes his fourth album Everything Is Borrowed. In a break from his usual recording setting (his bedroom), this fourth album saw him travel to Prague, where the film follows him working with a symphony orchestra: showing how at ease he is with classical musicians. Skinner talks candidly about the solitary process of his song writing and penning stories that really matter. Over the last decade, no-one has captured better in song - or in rap - what it is like to be young, bored and bothered in the city. Contributors include a semi-lucid Pete Doherty.