This Dispatches Special, screening as part of Channel 4's Indian Winter season, reveals the brutal reality of life on the streets and in the slums of Mumbai. A few weeks after running away from his abusive stepmother, 11-year-old Salam is living rough outside the main train station. Befriended by a gang of begging boys, run by 20-year-old Asif, Salam speaks fondly of his new 'brother'. But it soon appears that there is a much darker side to being in Asif's gang. Deepa is lucky to be alive after rats attacked her when she was just three months old. Now aged seven, she runs barefoot through the hectic Mumbai traffic to sell flowers to help support her family, for up to 20-hour shifts at a time. She lives with her grandmother and brothers in a slum with no electricity or sanitation, next to an open rubbish dump. They survive on less than £1 day since their alcoholic father died two years ago and their mother abandoned them. Meanwhile, 11-year-old twins Hussain and Hussan live in a shanty town, balanced precariously on a 10-foot-wide water pipe, and risk cholera and infection as they search for items to sell. Dispatches provides a deeply moving portrait of the lives of India's real slumdogs, blighted by substance abuse, hardship and heartache, yet proof of the infinite resilience of children, and forced to reach adulthood long before they should.