In a Simpson's viewing first - we, on this side of the water, are reportedly getting to see a Simpsons before those in the states. Sometimes, it pays to be Irish. After ducking out of a bonding session with Grampa, a guilt-ridden Homer vows to make it up to his father by granting a wish of his choice. The old man decides to visit Ireland to drop in on his favourite pub from his army career. Upon arrival, the pair discover the bar is a shadow of its former self, and agree to buy the business and turn its fortunes around. Following at 8.00pm is probably something best to be avoided, if the title is anything to go by. It's called Shane Richie: Make Me Irish. To mark St Patrick's Day, the actor embarks on a celebration of all things Irish, meeting people who represent part of the country's traditional image. Amongst other things, he joins Dana to take a tour or Dublin. Could they not have gotten someone from Dublin?