Given that The Devil Wears Prada (which Channel 4 are airing prior to this at 8.00pm) was such a success it was inevitable that a documentary on Vogue and its editor Anna Wintour would follow suit. Where The September Issue excels in a behind-the-scenes look at the world's biggest fashion magazine, it fails in doing the same with its editor, called here "the most powerful woman in the world. Vogue is a church and Anna is Pope." The September issue is the biggest issue Vogue releases in the year: "September is the January in fashion" goes one of the many sound bites this documentary throws up. Kicking off months before the issue goes to press, an issue that sees Sienna Miller as cover girl, this documentary is meticulous in depicting the events in the run up as Wintour is in putting the magazine together. Wintour is very hands-on, choosing every article of clothing and picking every image that goes into the magazine. This micro-management attitude clashes with her best friend and colleague - fashion director Grace Coddington. A must for fashion aficionados who will go along for only the endless parade of clothes, The September Issue will disappoint those looking for something a little deeper. Then again, this is the fashion industry.