It's official. We cry every time they start handing out the cheques on this programme. We also fear for well-dressed bona fide volunteers everywhere. In tonight's penultimate installment we meet Gavin Wheeldon, an entrepreneur who's worth the tidy sum of £20 million. At 14 he was already a gifted salesman, at 20 he set up his own company, and he now owns a hugely successful translation business, despite not being able to speak a foreign language. Now he's leaving his millionaire's lifestyle behind to return to the faded North Wales resort where he spent his childhood holidays. But sunny Rhyl has gone downhill since the advent of the cheap package holiday, with unemployment and poverty rife. Working undercover he'll be living on benefits in a B'nB and searching for local people he can help. Gavin meets Nigel and Tony, from the West Rhyl Community Company, who have worked hard to transform a no-go area into somewhere safe and clean by encouraging locals to take ownership of their environment. Meanwhile, at the Palace Boxing Club, 75-year-old trainer Jack tries to keep local lads away from pubs and drugs. But without funding his equipment is falling apart at the seams.