In this week's Secret Millionaire, 30-year-old (yep, 30) self-made multi-millionaire Mark Pearson gives away over £150,000 to three worthy members of Nottingham's community. Mark's internet based business has boomed over the last three years, earning him a fortune of over £60 million. Himself and his boyfriend Aaron are quite at home hosting dinner parties at their Surrey mansion, which is a far cry from his start in life. Mark was raised in inner-city Liverpool, where his parents split up when he was ten years old. Keen not to forget the 'real world', he steps out of his comfort zone to move into a rented house in Nottingham, one of the most violent towns in Britain, with crime rates at twice the national average. In search of people he can help, Mark discovers website Done with It, an anti-gun and knife campaign run by Clayton Byfield in his spare time, and out of his own pocket. Posing as an unemployed chef (which he originally trained as) looking for voluntary work, Mark joins Clayton at his youth groups and workshops, where he learns the harsh realities of knife and gun crime.