The last episode of the series features electronics wizard Aria Taheri, who has a real passion for technology. Over the last 18 years, he's built up a multi-million pound computing business on the outskirts of Manchester. His dedication is such that he has constructed a flat in his warehouse so he never has to go home. When he was 17, Aria immigrated to England from Iran, leaving his family behind. Twenty-six years on, Aria is about to leave home again. For the eight days, he's living undercover in Sparkbrook, south Birmingham: an area with a diverse ethnic mix and a large number of immigrants, meeting people that might need his help. During his stay, he meets Sister Margaret, who runs a sanctuary for refugees and asylum-seekers, and visits a daycare centre dedicated to helping elderly members of the Asian community. At the end of his stay, Aria gives away tens of thousands of pounds of his own money and pledges to donate 10% of his profits to charity for the next five years.