In episode two of the Irish version of the show, successful hotelier John (not Sean) Fitzpatrick swaps his lavish New York lifestyle for the streets of Dundalk and goes on search of people he might be able to help. Undercover as a returned immigrant making a documentary about the recession, he visits some of Ireland's most disadvantaged estates to find charities in need. John spends eight days far removed from creature comforts and comes face-to-face with the realities of social disadvantage and poverty in Ireland in a way that he never thought possible. His experiences have changed his life forever. Motivated by the memory of his parents, he sets his mind to searching for charities working with children. He finds a number of excellent projects run by incredible people dedicated to keeping kids off the streets. Again we meet those local heroes working tirelessly in their communities to help those in need in spite of rampant social problems now made worse by the economic crisis.