The Secret Millionaire returns for a brand new series everybody, and with some not so secret millionaires... Forty-year-old celebrity hairdresser Adee Phelan (you'll recognise him off the telly. He did that reality show with all the hairdressers - The Salon in 2003) shot to fame after giving David Beckham his iconic World Cup Mohican. A decade on, Adee has his own international product range, an exclusive salon in Covent Garden complete with A-list clientele, and another multi-million-pound project underway. However, Adee has not always lived this millionaire lifestyle. Being raised by a disciplinarian father, Adee left home and school early. Unable to read or write, he spent the next 10 years of his life in Essex bedsit-land battling with drink, drugs, gambling and severe depression. It was not until he was taken under the wing of another well-known hairdresser at the age of 27 that Adee turned his life around. Now Adee is returning to the Essex coast, just a few miles from where it all began, this time as James McCarthy, an everyday hairdresser taking part in a new television series about 'pop-up' shops.