Following last year's award-winning documentary Victorian Sex Explorer, Rupert Everett now embarks on a journey in the footsteps of Lord Byron. It's 200 years since Byron began his legendary travels around Europe and the Mediterranean and, in honour of the occasion, Rupert retraces the great romantic poet's journey to understand the man whose maverick sex life, precocious literary talent and stunning good looks made him Britain's first modern celebrity. In 1809, Byron embarked on a tour to Portugal, Albania, Greece and Turkey. Disillusioned with London's decadence, he became restless for new sensations in foreign lands. Rupert examines how Byron totally immersed himself in these cultures; how they offered Byron sexual liberation; and how they influenced him in the writing of Childe Harold. Speaking of decadence; the final installment of The Supersizers Eat (9.00pm, BBC2) is all about the culinary delights of ancient Rome. No wonder they required Vomitoriums.