The last installment of, whether you like to admit it or not, this very astute cutting comedy, examines why Ireland's future is so uncertain. McSavage's satire isn't the only comedy hanging up it's hat tonight; also expect the final episode of Stand and Deliver at 10.20pm, where you'll be greeted by stand-up comedy performances from Jarlath Regan, Carl Barron and Andrew Maxwell, all in the surroundings of the Roisin Dubh in Galway. I still don't get exactly what Barry Murphy is meant to be doing, but sure it's something to look at. And lastly, we have the funniest thing on of a Monday, Fade Street (11.45pm). The final show sees Vogue's hard work pay off and she gets a feature film audition. Dani makes headway in becoming a tattoo apprentice, while Louise gets stuck into her new job working on the IMTV Awards, recruiting Cici and Andre to help out. Like, OMG, hi-larious.