Cheers for the attempt at covering your face up BOC, a la Dara O'Briain, but there's no need. We know you're in no way bashful about landing your own Saturday night slot (especially since he reportedly pipped Craig Doyle to the post), so no amount of shimmying in your seat will make you endearing... Imaginatively titled, and even more imaginatively helmed by Brendan O'Connor ('Get me the man who fronted The Apprentice: You're Fired!'), this is a chat show featuring comedy, 'lively chat' and live musical performances. In true RTE fashion, they are keeping his guests a mystery (there's a danger we mightn't tune in if we're made aware of them), however, according to Brendan, the line up won't feature his RTE cohorts plugging whatever new series they happen to be partaking in. If you found this preview overly cynical, apologies, but telly made us that way. Honestly, we'd be please, nay tickled sideways, if Brendan proves us wrong.