Oh, joy. More twee, "It's 8.00pm on a Sunday and you've not got your homework done" type viewing. The Royal is back for a new series, which will monopolise two hours of telly (it's on UTV at 7.00pm and then at 8.00pm on TV3). With Susie and Carnegie's relationship the talk of the hospital, Matron reaches the end of her tether when her niece turns up late for work and she decides to suspend her. There's also the small matter of her being snared kissing in the back of Carnegie's steamed up Jaguar! Mr Rose faces a personal trial when his golfing friend ends up in the operating room and Dr Burnett wrestles with a dilemma. Ormerod and Bobby try to rescue a farmer who is trapped under a combine harvester, oh and a baby is possibly poisoned. The final leg of Stephen Tompkinson's African Balloon Adventure can be seen afterwards, on UTV, at 8.00pm.