Not to be confused with the RTE show; this series sees legendary chef Raymond Blanc on the hunt for a couple with the culinary and business skills to join him as business partners. Among the hundreds who applied from across Britain, nine couples have been selected to compete for this once-in-a-lifetime prize. The couples include newlyweds, old school chums, partners, mums and dads, a father and daughter and a mother and daughter. They arrive thrilled but nervous with their dream to run their own restaurant now closer than ever. In this opening show, they meet Raymond for the first time, along with his experienced inspectors: businesswoman Sarah Willingham, who scrutinises and questions their business acumen; and David Moore - a fastidious restaurateur and front-of-house obsessive who watches their standards of service. Raymond makes clear from the outset that this will be no easy journey and that it requires passion, enthusiasm, skill, hard work and a love of nosh.